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Fundraising ideas- custom designed pashminas
Unique Fundraising Ideas Boost Bottom-Line Results

Fundraising can sometimes be a challenge for non-profit organizations. That’s why having an arsenal of unique fundraising ideas can help when hosting a fundraiser. Too often, the heart […]

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Monsoon color chart for pashmina shawls
Pashmina shawls and scarves:
high fashion that never fades

Today, even luxury is mass-produced. Hence, giving unique, stylish corporate gifts requires a little bit of digging into fashion history. If you’re seeking the ultimate high-end accessory as […]

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Scor Reinsurance Personalized Scarf
Leave your mark with corporate anniversary gifts

An anniversary is an exciting time for any organization, from a business to a city or sports team. This is when all players come together. How can you […]

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Unique corporate gifts for the city of St Albert
Unique Corporate Gifts that Celebrate Success: St Albert’s Story

  How a city used unique corporate gifts to reward employees and boost pride Cities and towns order unique corporate gifts for many different reasons. Some communities may […]

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rebranding cities with custom scarves and ties.
City Rebranding Starts with Scarves (And Ties!)

When you think of a city, a few words usually comes to mind. Paris is stylish and romantic. New York is fast-paced and exciting. Sydney is an endless […]

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Custom made scarves for the MFA Boston. museum shop
Custom Ties and Scarves in Your Museum Shop: Where Art Meets Fashion

The success of custom ties and scarves for your museum shop A day at the museum is not complete without a visit to the gift shop. Thus, the enticing items […]

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Custom gifts, such as pashmina scarves, can drive customer loyalty.
Custom Gifts Extend Spa Experience & Loyalty

Customers come to your spa to relax, cherish a unique experience and pamper themselves. While in your gentle care, clients indulge in treats they don’t allow themselves all the […]

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Modal Scarf
The Power of Modal Scarves as Custom Business Gifts

As modal fabric is becoming more and more popular, it raises the question: why choose modal over silk or cotton for custom business gifts?   Modal is a […]

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Find out how custom scarves and ties can boost employee engagement.
Employee Engagement Strategies: Team Brand Ambassadors

As you know, team engagement is a key success indicator in many a business. Thus, how can you take your employee engagement strategies to the next level? By giving your people the […]

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