6 ways to wear your custom silk scarf in 2021

The first silk scarves appeared in the 9th Century. They were first worn by emperors and esteemed members of society. Their use was practical as well as fashionable as these scarves were helpful in keeping the wearer comfortable and cool on hot days.

They were carried by Chinese soldiers in order to visibly identify their rank within the army.

In the contemporary world the role of scarves has changed. Artists, models, celebrities and dignitaries have adopted custom silk scarves as a sign of individuality and status and in turn influenced the wearing of these beautiful fashion accessories by one and all.

Today, the wearing of beautiful and flamboyant fashion scarves has been adopted all over the world, and the selection of design and fabric is virtually endless. There is an option available for every taste or fashion need.

To offer a warm and cozy cover-up on a chilly evening, or to shield you from the sun’s rays in the heat of summer – the versatile shawl or scarf is not just a fashion accessory – not just a demonstration of personal taste and elegance, but can also be a practical and useful item to add to your modern wardrobe.

There are so many possibilities for finishing off your look with a lovely knotted scarf or draped Pashmina shawl. We offer you this short guide which we hope will inspire you with examples of different tying options for your wonderful scarves.

Each knot tells a story, and may reveal your personality – so it is important to pay attention to the choice of knot you use.

No matter your choice of knot treatment, it is important to have a superbly designed custom scarf that best represents you – that’s where Monsoon comes in. Since 1976 we have been creating unique custom designs for silk scarves, Pashminas, custom ties and pocket squares.

We collaborate with you to find the perfect solution for your custom silk scarf needs.

Contact our design team. They will be happy to accompany you through the process of defining the perfect look for your signature scarf, tie or pashmina.

Download our infographic below.

Ways to wear Custom Silk Scarf

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