Personalized Ties: Fitting Gifts for the Aurora Barbarians Rugby Club

Hall-Of-Fame Custom Ties
Personalized ties celebrated Aurora Barbarian MVPs

When the Toronto Barbarians and the Aurora RFC merged in 2002, both clubs already had decades of rich history marked by exceptional players and intense competition. Since then, the Aurora Barbarians Rugby Club has sought to find unique ways to rewards its MVPs in a way that represents their passion for the sport and the club. That is why they asked Monsoon to design personalized ties given to the players inducted into the team’s hall of fame. Monsoon assessed the team’s needs with the executive staff and thought of a chic custom design.

Personalized Ties: A Great Success

“We got custom ties for our clubs a week before the date that was originally promised. They were absolutely gorgeous. So good were the quality and the workmanship of the final product that everyone couldn’t help but talk about them. They look fabulous and considering the good experience we had working with Monsoon during the design and the manufacture of the ties, we will not hesitate to work with them again next year when we will have another similar function.” said one of the executive staff members.

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