Corporate Branding & the Role of Custom Business Gifts

Business events can either be memorable or easily forgotten.  To make sure your event falls in the former group, there are many aspects to consider. One of the most important is corporate branding.

For example, take Blue Earth Marketing, an Iowa-based firm. The team made custom business gifts for their events. This helped build their brand – read on to see why.

corporate branding via custom giftsHow can custom business gifts boost corporate branding?

The goal was to create custom scarves and ties to reflect the firm’s identity. As a subsidiary of Ho-Chunk, Inc., the economic development corporation affiliated to the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, Blue Earth Marketing needed unique business gifts reflecting its origins and values.

The custom gifts needed to showcase the key elements to Blue Earth:

  • Air for knowledge
  •  Water for commitment
  • Earth for balance
  • Fire for passion

Monsoon’s team suggested artistic custom ties and scarves with all 4 elements. (See images.)

Brand consistency is crucial if you wish to build a strong business presence. And business identity is reinforced by using creative means. Next time you have an event, don’t neglect custom branding.

Do you plan to run an event in the near future? Are you looking for custom gifts? Contact Monsoon for great ideas to boost your corporate branding and identity.


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