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Use Scarves for a better brand identity

Kindred Credit Union is an example of a company which recently implemented a successful corporate wear program into their corporate brand identity. To highlight this development, they contacted us looking to add a brand-oriented product (i.e., scarf, tie) available for purchase within their corporate store.

Through the simple addition of customized scarves (and ties) to their store, Kindred Credit Union helped its employees showcase their pride for the company and further build on their brand and identity.

Branding using custom corporate scarves

Let’s explore the ways in which adding customized apparel can expand your brand’s influence and recognition:

Brand identity through representation

Although Kindred employees don’t wear uniforms, adding a branded splash of color to their professional outfits or their corporate wear helps reinforce their branded look. Custom attire allows employees to show they are proud to represent the organization as well as visually convey 

that they share the same values as the organization. As a result, customers trust employees more when they see support between workers and management in a company, further increasing customer loyalty.

Benefits for staff

Having the ability to customize their work look can be a fun and vibrant way for employees to prepare for each day, while also reminding them that they are part of a team. This feeling of support has a natural way of not only lifting morale but also fostering better execution of their work itself. In uniform, an individual’s team spirit pushes them to make decisions and contribute in a manner that benefits their team outcomes more.

Use corporate colors to coin your corporate identity
Benefits of an organization using corporate wear programs

Having options in your corporate store allows employees to consistently present themselves in a professional manner, while also advertising for the brand. Varied corporate wear options allow employees the flexibility of tailoring their outfits to their own tastes, but still remaining within the bounds of their company’s aesthetic.

Kindred Credit Union uses scarves to increase visibility
Building your own brand and identity

We can incorporate your organization’s color palette into custom designs for silk, viscose, and modal scarves, as well as pashmina shawls, silk ties, bow-ties, and pocket squares.

We also offer style guides giving you tasteful suggestions on how to best express of your organization’s values and build on your existing brand and identity.

Feel free to check out our sample products here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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