Custom Neckties That Say “Go Team!”

Team appreciation and unity can often be hard to achieve. Be it on the soccer pitch, football field or baseball diamond, a strong, united team is needed for success. While that can come naturally with time, we at Monsoon believe the best way to bring your group together is by showing off your team pride with style. One way to do this is by wearing custom neckties and scarves.

How can custom neckties and scarves foster team spirit?

Sports teams around the world use apparel to show their unity, from the pros to the juniors. NFL and NHL players show up to games with matching suits and ties to show their team unity in style. In some cases, a team may want to celebrate its milestones with a unique gift. That was the case with the Niagara Rugby Club, which celebrated its 60th anniversary with custom neckties by Monsoon. These included the team logo in their design. The ties were a unique way to acknowledge the event, show team appreciation and honor the people who contributed to the success of the club over the years.

Niagara Wasps Rugby Club, celebrated their 60th anniversary with custom team ties done by Monsoon, which incorporated their team logo into the tie design. The ties are woven with 100% silk threads.
Niagara Wasps Rugby Club celebrated their 60th anniversary with custom team ties created by Monsoon.

Sports associations are always on the lookout for a way to show appreciation to donors. Personalized gifts can strengthen donor commitment and engagement. As seen with the Quebec Soccer Federation’s scarves (pictured below), Monsoon has created logo scarves. Those scarves can act as ambassadors, attract attention and create renewed awareness for your association.

Boost team spirit with custom neckties, like our client, the Niagara Rugby Club.
The Quebec Soccer Federation’s custom scarves were unique gifts that showed team appreciation to all participants.
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