A corporate Gift as recognition: Au Contraire’s Story

A few months ago, we at Monsoon Corporate Gifts had the pleasure of working with members of the Au Contraire Film Festival here in Montreal. ACFF was looking for a scarf that would suit their needs and we helped them design something that would work for them. Read on to learn more about Au Contraire and how a scarf was just what they needed.

Au Contraire history/story:

Montreal based film festival aims to showcase films that deal with mental illness, and strives to break the stigmatizations often associated with mental illness.

By screening thought provoking films and fostering conversation with audience participation Au Contraire promotes more accurate representations of people with mental illness

Festival co-founder and Director, Mr. Marcel Pinchevsky explains in the Montreal Gazette, “The festival is really about dispelling the myths of mental illness and not about the dramatization of it, as is so often the case in Hollywood films. The films we chose are not of the Jack Nicholson, over-the-top nature. Instead, we selected films that are real and are positive.”

Au Contraire and Monsoon

6 years ago, Au Contraire launched its first film festival. “And now for something different” was its catch phrase and to represent this, Mr. Marcel Pinchevsky took inspiration from an Italian Men’s shop where a red scarf grabbed his attention. For Mr. Marcel Pinchevsky, “the long cashmere scarf not only met the need for something different (for men) but delivered warmth as well”. The scarf would become a staple and important accessory for Mr. Marcel Pinchevsky so that he could be visible throughout the festival.

In this year’s 6th annual festival, the red scarf evolved into a sand colored scarf with Au Contraire Film Festival’s 1 in 5 persons logo. This time around, Au Contraire brought something different to its audience.

The scarf designed by Monsoon for the Au Contraire Film Festival acted as an item of recognition so that members of the festival could easily be seen in the crowd. Au Contraire chose to go with a long viscose scarf in a beige color and an orange for the logo. The viscose scarf was a great choice and one we often recommend due to its breathability, its smooth texture and most importantly for how beautifully it drapes when wearing. With our simple design, we made sure this scarf be unisex and suitable for both men and women.  Au Contraire showed their appreciation for their employees by offering them a custom designed scarf that would provide them with warmth and comfort throughout the festival.

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