Custom bow ties, scarves or pocket squares for your employees

Offering a custom corporate gift such as a custom tie, a pocket square, a silk or cashmere scarf to your employees could have a bigger impact than you think. Giving your employees a memorable gift is an opportunity to create a strong bond with them.

A recent Shopify survey shows :

  • 81% of employees feel appreciated when the employer gives them a gift such as a pashmina scarf or simple ties.
  • 56% feel recognized when receiving a gift, like scarves for women.
  • An employee that receives a small gift such as a custom pocket square, is 45% more likely to feel loyal and work longer for the business.

It’s clear that gifts are an excellent way to recognize your employees, and to show them your appreciation, but what consists of a memorable gift? The same survey has shown that two factors have a role to play when it comes to making a gift memorable :

  • A unique gift is chosen just for them
  • A special message is written to the recipient.

At Monsoon, we understand those factors and we want to help you pick memorable gifts.  We offer high quality products such as silk bow ties, cashmere shawls, cashmere scarves and pocket squares. Let us help you inspire your employees with a personalized touch.


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