The Power of Modal Scarves as Custom Business Gifts

The popularity of modal fabrics is on an upward trend. As such, the dominance of silk and cotton in making custom business gifts is starting to questioned fall in to question. Why would you choose modal fabrics over the more traditional silk or cotton?

modal fabric for custom gifts
Custom business gifts look even better with modal fabric.


Modal fabrics are types of rayon obtained when reconstituted cellulose from beech trees is spun. As such, modal fabrics come with an abundance of benefits that make them the textile of choice for people who want a rayon scarf option.

Why are modal fabrics ideal for custom corporate scarves:

They are eco-friendly – with so much emphasis in their campaign being allocated to environmental care, modal fabrics are not only 100% biodegradable, but they are also made through a biodegradable process. Thus, using them will not harm the environment.

Soft and stylish – modal fabrics are among the softest fabrics you will find in stores today. Modal fibers are known to produce fine and elegant silk-like custom scarves. Additionally, they drape, beautifully and will not lose their shape even when wet.

Long lasting – fabrics such as cotton are known to shrink and fade in color over time, hence, shortening their longevity. Modal fabrics, on the other hand, will retain their softness and will not lose their color, even after repeated washing.

Airy – modal fabrics are made of natural beech wood pulp, and are known to be very breathable and effective at releasing sweat and moisture. Modal fabric is a more absorbent than cotton, and this makes modal scarves a desirable option for many consumers.

Affordability – compared to other processed fabrics, modal fabrics are a cost-effective alternative in the production of custom pashmina  and silk scarves because they are relatively affordable.

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