The tale of Houston Sports Authority’s custom promotional items

Custom promotional items often miss the mark in regards to genuine employee engagement. Creating branded corporate gifts that truly strengthen a community can be quite a challenging task. Despite the difficulties associated with accomplishing such a goal, Houston Sports Authority’s silk scarves and neckties have triumphed in their endeavors to develop a long-lasting and genuine community engagement.

Custom promotional items for Huston Sports Authority
Houston Sports Authority’s branded corporate gifts

United by their passion for athletics, Huston Sports Authority has supported the local community of ardent sport-goers. As an organization, they asked Monsoon to create a distinctive design to help the community grow warmth and employee engagement while preserving their image and upstanding level of professionalism. As such, Monsoon presented an attention-grabbing design composed of high-contrast blues and reds. Together the colors help to illustrate the stars zooming across the fabric – and showcase all the hallmarks of Houston Sports Authority’s logo that is packaged in a bold and classy design (please see the photo).

Through the meticulous consideration and thought put into this personalized business gift, Houston Sports Authority feels a great sense of accomplishment with their creations. They were delighted to deliver custom promotional items of such quality and know that their community wears them with pride.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the high-quality products that Monsoon designed and produced for us. The service was outstanding. The staff was very accommodating and ensured we received our order on time. The team at Monsoon are very easy and pleasant to work with, and kept in constant communication with us through the date of delivery,” says Eadie James, an Administrative Manager & Executive Assistant to the CEO of Houston Sports Authorityustom promotional items for Huston Sports Authority

Houston Sports Authority’s personalized promotional items encourage an unmatched level of employee engagement and community building through their attention-grabbing yet thoughtful approach to design and fashion. Monsoon’s products are creative, unique and made from quality material, bringing pride, joy and a sense of belonging to this sports-loving community.

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