Creating Lasting Impressions With Custom Scarves

A conference is an event where all participants come together to learn, share, meet, and celebrate. When you are on a mission and want to deliver a lasting special message, what better way to do so than by designing a personalized corporate gift for your conference participants?

If you are looking for practical branded gifts that inspire, reward, and commemorate, custom scarves are proven winners.

Personalized Corporate Giveaways: Spreading a Unique Message

One of our clients, The Canadian Association of Midwives, was looking for a custom scarf to celebrate their collaboration with the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives during an international conference of midwives held in June 2017. The personalized scarves were meant to deliver a unique message that highlighted the importance of midwifery for maternal and newborn health services in Canada.

Custom scarves - Midwives March for more

“We had a very tight deadline as well as a tight budget and Monsoon was nevertheless able to produce a beautiful product, right on time,” says Eby Heller, Director of Policy and Communications for the Canadian Association of Midwives. The goal behind designing the custom silk scarves motivated Monsoon Corporate Gifts to come up with a timeless product that clearly reflected the special message.  

The mission of The International Confederation of Midwives was to stress that every pregnant woman should have access to a midwife’s care for themselves and their baby. Monsoon Corporate Gifts salute the client’s vision to spread the word about all that midwives do for maternal and newborn health care. “Monsoon’s dedication to meeting our deadline was extraordinary. They kept us apprised of the shipment at every step and helped us problem solve at the last minute to ensure that we had the scarves in time,” adds Heller.

More About the Custom ScarvesCustom scarves Midwives

The 100% silk scarf was designed 38×38 inches in size. Over 1,500 scarves were delivered for the March for More Midwives, displaying the unique pattern of a midwife holding a baby and exhibiting the Canadian maple leaf.

The result was a beautiful product that was worn by midwives from 112 countries, promoting the development of the profession in public interest.

The custom silk scarves were also worn by the Canadian Minister of Health and the Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of International Development during their speeches at the conference. The focus of the conference was to promote the midwifery profession as part of the national health policy agenda.

Midwives - Custom scarves

Create Lasting Memories With A Personalized Gift

When it comes to designing personalized corporate gifts, it’s the thoughtfulness that goes into creating the lasting memory that counts, which is exactly what Monsoon Corporate Gifts endeavors to achieve when designing personalized scarves that will wow your clients and prospects. Personalized with your brand logo, our custom silk scarves promise to be a powerful tool to market any message or brand to a larger audience.

Discover unique corporate gifts that deliver the exact brand message you want to spread the word about, emphasizing your branding and mission.

Celebrate your mission and spread the word with a personalized scarf designed by the Monsoon team. After all, you cannot go wrong with custom scarves!

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