Custom Ties and Scarves in Your Museum Shop: Where Art Meets Fashion

The success of custom ties and scarves for your museum shop

A day at the museum is not complete without a visit to the gift shop. Thus, the enticing items on the shelves of your museum shop make for portable, and sometimes wearable, mementos of favorite artworks.

custom scarves
Custom scarves representing Pollock’s Number 10, available at the MFA store.

Museum gifts help bring to life galleries and exhibits in a variety of ways. These items engage visitors by letting them take home a piece of their favorite artwork and help them remember exhibits for years to come. Most of all, custom gifts also turn visitors into ambassadors as soon as they walk out the door.

Pollock’s Number 10 at the MFA Museum Shop

One gift shop that successfully extended the museum experience well beyond its collections’ walls is the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston. The MFA’s museum store is currently selling custom ties and scarves that represent Jackson Pollock’s well-known painting, Number 10.

John Pollock is the founding father of abstract impressionism. His works are just as popular today as they were when he brought his style to life in the late 1940’s. Thus, many art enthusiasts would love to have a Pollock original hanging in their home. Thanks to the MFA’s museum shop, they can carry the essence of their favorite painting around with them.

custom ties
A custom tie reflecting Pollock’s popular painting.

Therefore, the MFA’s shop is selling these unique ties and scarves online and in-store. The custom ties are silk screened on 100% Twill silk. They are made of 100% Georgette silk.

In sum, Monsoon has helped many museum shops across North America bring their exhibits to life. By working with store managers and executives to design custom ties, shawls, scarves, museum shops can tighten their relationship with their visitors. When it comes to Monsoon’s gifts, art and fashion are intertwined.

To create unique gifts, such as custom ties or scarves, for your museum shop, contact Monsoon today for a free consultation.

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