How to Show Donor Recognition for 51 Million Dollars

Nazareth College wrapped up its most successful fundraising campaign with 51 million dollars in donations. Thus, the school had to find a unique way to show donor recognition. Show Donor recognition with custom scarves & ties

The college chose to offer custom gifts to its kind contributors. This was a smart and simple way to say “thank you”.

As you might know, many associations have donor recognition programs, including The American Diabetes Association. At the heart of their TourdeCure fundraising cycling events is the “Thank You Gifts and Incentives Program”. Donors can earn branded bike bells, water bottles, and other kind of cycling gear. This type of program promotes physical activity and increases the likelihood that donors will join in again.

Chic custom gifts to show donor recognition


Frank Barry, Director of Digital Marketing for Blackbaud, said that branded gifts “can have a lasting impact on donors.” Therefore, the key to success is to “use gifts that align with your mission.”

With that in mind, Nazareth College chose Monsoon’s stylish, custom gifts to show donor recognition. The ties and scarves boast school colors (purple and gold). The laurel branch reflects the College’s liberal arts legacy and focus on academic integrity and success.

To add an exclusive touch, Nazareth College made a special edition with a custom label. Most of all, with those gifts in hand, the College was able to show its thanks to donors and share what it stands for.

The campaign was so strong, it helped most of the college’s students get some kind of financial aid. The school was also able to build a new Wellness and Rehabilitation Institute. Hence, the College’s vision and reach is growing fast.

In sum, this attests to the power of a donor recognition strategy in line with your mission.

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