Employee Appreciation Gifts to Put a Smile on the Faces of Your Staff

Are you looking for employee recognition ideas to keep your staff engaged and committed? To increase employee retention and satisfaction, nothing works like giving a heartfelt employee appreciation gift.

The same gifts can also be used to increase client retention. Every company wants a loyal customer base; giving out personal corporate gifts to special or preferred clients is a great way to go about it.

From gorgeous custom ties to tailor-made scarves, Monsoon specializes in original client and employee recognition gifts that stand out from the rest. Monsoon’s customized creations are made from the highest quality materials and speak volumes about the appreciation employers have for their employees.

Recently, Monsoon created original branded scarves for Prosthodontic Associates (PA) which were given to employees and clients alike. PA wanted a custom-designed gift that would serve as a gesture of recognition to their staff and be as special as the workplace culture it represents. Unlike the usual logos that adorn branded pieces, these scarves were stylishly adapted with fashion in mind.

With a delicate scripted logo and bold black and white pattern, these pashmina scarves have made a decided impression on recipients. They were designed expressly to encompass a trendy designer look with the same high aesthetic standards as the work of the office itself. The material drapes attractively around wearers and the black background with the logo pattern creates a look that is chic and noticeable.

Prosthodontic Associates Scarf

“Our patients and staff are so impressed with the pashminas and haven’t stopped talking about them,” says Laura Ruddock, a Continuing Education Coordinator at Prosthodontic Associate. “Truly a beautiful product that we feel so proud to show off.”

PA scarf
Employees model the fashionable scarves with the original branded design.

Are you also looking to recognize your employees for a job well done? Rather than just settling for a simple thank you, consider some long-lasting employee recognition ideas, which will pay off with better staff retention.

Good quality gifts speak for the quality of your company. Customized designs from Monsoon Corporate Gifts are a perfect way to show employee appreciation and to increase employee retention with memorable gifts that will last a lifetime.

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