Employee Engagement Strategies: Team Brand Ambassadors

As you know, team engagement is a key success indicator in many a business. Thus, how can you take your employee engagement strategies to the next level?

Employee engagement strategies can reap big rewards.

By giving your people the chance to share their feedback, your business can reap big rewards. Your team is the most trusted source of information. As such, it can play a big role in boosting sales.

Take Adobe, a leader in employee advocacy. The company saw leads and sales go up after employees began talking to prospects online.

20% of Creative Cloud sales and 20% of Marketing Cloud leads were linked to social media. Hence, Adobe employee brand ambassadors directly impact the bottom line.

Though bringing your team into your social media efforts is a step forward, it is not enough. To reap all benefits, a business must take care of its brand reps. As Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, said, “we celebrate on a company-wide, departmental, and individual-contributor basis”. Zappos is an online retailer known for strong employee engagement strategies.

Boosting Employee Engagement Strategies with Custom Gifts


Key milestones are a chance to reward team goals met.

Thus, for its 150th anniversary, the City of St. Albert wanted to thank employees and VIPs. The city wished to offer custom gifts, reflecting its rich history.

With this in mind, Monsoon created custom silk ties and scarves with the city’s emblem.

Here’s what Megan Straker, Marketing Coordinator of the City of St. Albert, said. “Our custom ties and scarves have been a hit with everyone who has seen them!” With these gifts, the city recognized team contributions. Yet, it also turned its people into brand advocates. Recipients could easily show off their city pride by sporting their chic new scarves and ties.

In sum, turn your team into brand ambassadors with Monsoon’s custom ties and scarves. Contact Monsoon to find out more about employee engagement strategies!


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