Employee Recognition Gifts – Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

Employee Recognition Gifts
Small employee recognition gifts can go a long way.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to spoil the people in our lives. In so doing, we’re reminded of how important it is to say “thank you”. From flowers for your partner to employee recognition gifts for your team, small gestures go a long way.

While there isn’t a Valentine’s Day for workers, make sure to say “thanks” to your team. There are many pros to doing so. As it says in Bersin’s The State of Employee Recognition report:

  • Companies with strong award programs are 12 times more likely to perform well.
  • Nearly 75% of businesses have a recognition program. But only 58% of employees think that their workplace has one.

As such, many organizations are not getting the benefits of their appreciation program. This comes as no surprise. Only 14% give managers the right tools. (Aberdeen Group’s The Power of Employee Recognition report).

A Stylish Solution: Team & Employee Recognition Gifts

To help organizations show concrete thanks, Monsoon creates employee recognition gifts. These custom items include ties and scarves, made to suit the needs of each client. These gifts can feature business logos and designs in a creative way.

Here’s one of our client’s success stories. Meaningfulworld was working with the UN Commission for Social Development. The NGO contacted us to design stylish silk scarves. These would go to recognize their graduates’ work.

“The attendees were so impressed and the scarves increased the interest in our program,” said Dr. Kalayjian. He is Meaningfulworld/ATOP’s founder and Vice Chair of the United Nations Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Executive Committee. “[O]ne of our recent graduates stated in her paper that when she attended our conference and commencement in 2010 she wanted to be one of the people receiving the Meaningfulworld Ambassador graduation scarf.” The gifts were not only chic and unique, they were items that owners wanted to keep.

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