Sales Strategies: Success Starts with Art

artistic sales strategies can be very effective
One of Absolut’s most successful sales strategies involved working with artists.

As a business owner, you know that building successful sales strategies can be a challenge. As competition for customers becomes even fiercer, you need boost sales with style.

Have you thought of art? Art not only attracts attention by its very nature, but it can also show off your branding. As businesses strive to stand out, many add art into their marketing and sales strategies. Absolut Vodka, a brand known for some of the most successful and creative marketing campaigns, is a good example. As part of their branding strategy, Absolut hired popular artists, such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, to create ad concepts. These artistic ads left a lasting memory and drew people to the brand.

How to Create Your Own Artistic Sales Strategies

Not all companies have the budget for such sales strategies. A best practice for more mainstream businesses is to offer elegant custom gift that communicate your strengths and values. The challenge is to create a stylish product that is easy to enjoy for the buyer. You want the customer to share the product’s source and the experiences that come with it.

To fulfill their role as conversation starters, artistic products must appeal to the eye. This way, owners will want to show them off often and much. Moreover, they must capture the image and essence of your business or group. Creating a product that meets these requirements and budget restrictions can be a challenge. But it is hardly an obstacle!

Here’s one such example from a client. The Federation of Cooperatives of Northern Quebec (la Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec (FCNQ)) wished to promote Inuit art. We worked with them to design custom ties and scarves, inspired by Inuit sculptor and engraver Paulusi Sivuak’s black and white stone cut print of birds. Monsoon carefully added movement to the design with color and a fluid silk weave. The useful nature and beauty of the silk ties and scarves turned these items into prime sales tools.

Inuit tie - part of our client's sales strategies
Through artful custom gifts, Monsoon can help with your sales strategies.

The Federation was able to offer its clients wearable art. With these creative wholesale ties and scarves, the Federation successfully converted buyers into unofficial ambassadors. By drawing positive attention, the artistic ties and scarves created a great chance for word-of-mouth marketing. The goals – to promote Inuit art and the Federation’s work – were met.

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