Monsoon Corporate Gifts – How does it work

Monsoon Corporate Gifts are specialists when it comes to the manufacture of unique and beautiful ties, custom silk ties and pashmina shawls and scarves. Each item is customized to suit your specific needs, and most importantly, to foster team spirit.

We also specialize in designing custom ties and pocket squares as per your unique desires. All our products are unique, made from high quality materials, and they also feature chic designs to accentuate any type of uniform or outfit. Tell us about your preferred colors, materials, and sizes, and then we’ll design the most amazing corporate gifts for you.

How It Works

Step 1: Know your needs and the tastes and preferences of your employees

The first step is to have a thorough understanding of what you want, and this will be guided by the unique tastes and preferences of your employees or of the individuals for which the gifts are being designed. This is how you get to choose the most appropriate colors, designs, and sizes.

Step 2: Choose the gift you want to offer

Are you thinking of gifting a pocket square, a bow tie, a tie or a scarf? This will help in coming up with the right sizes and designs, and will also guide you in your choice of the right materials.

Step 3: Choose the material

Choose between silk, wool, and cashmere

Step 4: Share information with us about your company and values

We aim to offer you highly customized designs that will speak the language of your company. Once know more about your company and your values, we will propose several designs, from which we will make modifications until we finally come up with one that will truly reflect what you want, irrespective of whatever it is, including custom scarves with logo.

Step 5: Feedback and further customization

With the feedback you send us, we will continue to improve on the design until we finally narrow down the most appropriate design that will suit all your needs.

Step 6: Product delivery

Since we have a design to work with, we will get down to work. With our skills, experience, and expertise, we promise to deliver a product you will be proud to gift.

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