Montreal – A UNESCO City of Design


Montreal was officially declared as a UNESCO City of Design in June 2006 – a declaration that linked the city with the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Such a designation is an acknowledgment by UNESCO that Montreal is abundant with creative potential in the discipline of design.

This is evident in the strong presence of creative innovation in the city, as well as the great commitment and determination showed by organizations such as Ville de Montreal and other civil societies and government agencies in improving the quality of life in Montreal.

This designation by UNESCO is not a form of recognition or a label. Instead, it is an invitation by UNESCO to Montreal, and the relevant societies and agencies to concentrate the city’s development around its creative design strengths.

As a UNESCO City of Design, Montreal’s creative spirit has evolved into a collective project whose reality will be achieved over time, and the achievement of this reality is the responsibility of every stakeholder, including but not limited to: experts, citizens, elected officials, designers, and entrepreneurs.

The challenge, therefore, is for the responsible parties to work together to turn this designation into a reality and to make it visible and tangible for the residents of Montreal and the world. As such we all participate in the responsibility of transforming Montreal into a UNESCO City of Design.

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