New Year – New Products! Monsoon Introduces Viscose Scarves

Viscose Scarves

We’ve worked with our fair share of materials here at Monsoon Corporate Gifts, from silk to cashmere to modal and many others. Finding the right type of material to suit the needs of our clients is important to us. While each material has its strengths; silk being a natural protein fibre with a shimmering appearance and smooth texture, to cashmere as a finer, stronger, lighter and softer wool fiber known for its warmth and insulating qualities. To modal; a synthetic material made from beech tree fibers and known for its smooth finish, its ability to drape well and its breathable qualities that make it cool to the touch. But we’ve recently been working with viscose, a new material we would like to introduce that we feel offers new and alternative options when choosing a fabric for our custom designed silk scarves.

We’re happy to be introducing viscose because we feel that as a fabric it has many interesting qualities. While viscose is marketed as a synthetic, its material build is that of wood plants like trees and bamboo. With renewable plants as its compound, viscose is often cited as an environmentally friendly material[1]. However, to get technical while viscose is produced from plant fibers, it is a manmade material that is made by “weaving together fibers from cellulose that is chemically extracted from trees”[2]. This makes it so that viscose falls somewhere in between a natural and synthetic material. Viscose is compared to silk for its smoothness and strength, while it also has a high level of absorption. It is breathable and light, and retains color well throughout the dying process.

Service Design Canada ScarfBecause viscose has the ability to take dyes well, we recommend using this material for colorful designs and vibrant images. In working with Service Design Canada, we were able to do just that and helped them produce a scarf that successfully brought their vibrant design to life by using colors that would pop on the viscose material. Their original design translates well to viscose, and while the material is similar to silk the scarf drapes well and falls nicely when wearing.

Since viscose has the ability to catch light with its smooth texture, we chose to show how viscose in its original white is a great alternative design option that can easily include a company’s logo at the bottom of the scarf. Our viscose scarves can otherwise be dyed one uniform color which is an option we like to suggest, considering viscoses great capabilities of retaining color.

As another example, take a look at the scarf we designed for the Interfaith Dental Clinic where the viscose was dyed a uniform brown with the company’s logo repeated throughout the design. This scarf, with its uniform dyed background and multicolored logos is a nice example of how all the elements can easily be combined to suit the needs of our clients.

Viscose Scarf

dentist Viscose Scarf

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[1] https://www.contrado.co.uk/blog/what-is-viscose/

[2] https://sciencetrends.com/what-is-viscose-fabric-material/

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