Leave your mark with corporate anniversary gifts

An anniversary is an exciting time for any organization, from a business to a city or sports team. This is when all players come together. How can you make sure your business, association or other organization leaves a lasting effect on the people involved with it? One way is to offer corporate anniversary gifts.

This is a simple gesture, perhaps, but when done right, one that can yield great success. Read on to find out more about how to leave your mark with custom business anniversary gifts.

Corporate anniversary gifts as unique as your organization

Corporate anniversary gifts with SCOR branding elemnents
SCOR’s corporate anniversary gifts.

One of our clients, SCOR Reinsurance, recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Thus, to acknowledge this important milestone the industry leader held a special event in Chicago. Also, it seized this opportunity to reward its employees. SCOR wanted to present workers with a gift as a symbol of unity and appreciation.

The company wished to offer an item that was based on its branding identity but more unique than simply printing a logo. Monsoon designed and created a custom scarf, based on key elements of SCOR’s corporate identity.

The design of SCOR's corporate anniversary gifts emphasizes their global reach
SCOR’s business anniversary gifts featured unique branding elements.

 As a background, the scarf was based a nautical theme, adding on top of which the brand’s iconic compass, globe and S-link chain. This design reflects the organization’s tight links to the four corners of the globe. The material selected was Crêpe de Chine silk, for a touch of finesse.

The result is astonishing: an attractive accessory that employees wanted to wear in their leisure time and were proud to show off to those around them. Indeed, not only do unique corporate anniversary gifts show gratitude to the recipients, they can also help promote your organization every time they are worn. Hence, to learn more about other benefits of handing out custom anniversary gifts, head over to our corporate anniversary gifts page.

So, congratulations, your organization has stood the test of time!

Contact Monsoon today to celebrate your success with corporate anniversary gifts that are timeless, too.

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