Sports Attire and Sports Gifts

Sports organizations are unique among our clients: their fans are passionate, energetic and eager to display their pride. Our goal is to capture that in unique designs. Custom-designed sports attire from Monsoon Corporate Gifts is a powerful symbol of a team coming together, playing together and winning together. Such Custom-designed sports attire convey the tremendous enthusiasm and respect of a sports organization’s fans.

Scarves for 2017 US field hockey women team
Monsoon custom-designed Team USA Women’s Field Hockey sports scarves for the 2017 Pan-Am Games.

First-Class Promotional Apparel

Monsoon Corporate Gift designs aren’t just your run of the mill promotional items. We’ve been tailor-making sports ties and scarves for more than 30 years. Our custom-designed sports gifts are as beautiful as the comradery and loyalty they represent.

For example, check out the 100% silk scarves designed for the 2017 Pan American Games. They include the iconic red, white, and blue color scheme of Team USA’s Field Hockey logo. Monsoon’s creative team was determined not to overwhelm the elegant minimalism of the logo. The result was a modern, balanced design that features contrasting images highlighted with white strokes. When unfolded to the full 12” x 60”, these screen-printed scarves make quite an impact.

Ambassadors of the Sport

The Quebec Soccer Federation ordered custom-made scarves from Monsoon.
Custom scarves were unique gifts that showed team appreciation to all participants of the Quebec Soccer Federation.

Personalized gifts are a great way to show appreciation to a team’s most important supporters. The Quebec Soccer Federation wanted their significant donors to have a unique gift designating them as VIPs of the team. Monsoon Corporate Gifts suggested just the right gift – custom silk scarves that symbolize the team’s gratefulness for their continued commitment and encourage their ongoing involvement as team ambassadors.


It’s all about Team Spirit

Woven silk ties gifted in recognition and gratitude to Taekwondo referees.
Woven silk ties gifted in recognition and gratitude to Taekwondo referees.

When our creative team consulted with Taekwondo Canada and Taekwondo Alberta, both organizations wanted a design that would recognize outstanding referees. It was a big challenge to design a woven silk tie that represents the indomitable spirit of the martial art, and have a stylish look. Our creative team considered the essence of the sport and then translated it into a piece of museum-quality, wearable art.

The result was this set of woven silk ties with prominently featured logos exploding from the background, highlighted by gold and silver embroidery.


Commemorate Special Occasions
The newly unified Aurora Barbarians Rugby Club tasked Monsoon with designing sports gifts for new Hall of Fame inductees. The gift needed to acknowledge the significant history of the two merged clubs. Monsoon designed a custom silk sports tie that conveyed the legacy, and traditions of the two clubs while at the same time, honoring the union.

“Our ties were delivered a week before the agreed date, and they were awesome. Every member of our group hailed the quality and the workmanship displayed on the ties. They were absolutely gorgeous. Our experience of working with Monsoon for these personalized ties was also great, and we will not hesitate to work with them again next year for a similar event. ”

– Harvey Libi, Aurora Barbarians Rugby Club

Niagara Wasps Rugby Club worked with Monsoon to design personalized ties.
Niagara Wasps RFC 60th Anniversary Custom Silk Ties.

The passion and energy displayed by Niagara Wasps RFC fans is something you have to see to believe. Unique among even diehard fans, they’re proud to represent the team. When it came time to celebrate its 60th Anniversary, the team trusted Monsoon to design a necktie special enough to commemorate the occasion.

“The Niagara Ruby Club had many ideas for marking its 60th anniversary. Monsoon was of immense help right from the beginning to the end. Within the first six weeks of the initial design, we were pleased to have completely new and custom ties for our club. We had a great experience working with them, and we were also very pleased with the quality of the final product. Thanks a lot, Monsoon, for the great job you did.”

– Chris Hodgson, Niagara Wasps RFC, President


Custom Gifts that Reflect your Passion

2017 Canada Games gift to the prime minister
Custom designed silk tie presented to PM Justin Trudeau at the 50th Canada Games in Winnipeg, 2017.

Finding just the right gift for the person who has everything can be difficult, especially when it comes to heads of state, government officials, and royalty. When it came time to present a gift to PM Justin Trudeau and other dignitaries at the formal opening ceremony of the 2017 Canada Games, the representatives of the 50th anniversary of the games knew they had to come up with something extraordinary. They came to the experts at Monsoon for a unique piece of functional art that would reflect the determination and commitment it takes to reach the Games. Monsoon rose to the challenge and created this woven silk tie that symbolizes the spirit of each sport in the games and included the official circle and maple leaf logo.

Sports clubs around the world thank their players, fans, and coaches in the most special way possible. Ensure your next promotional gift is an elegant piece of art that recipients will be proud to wear.

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