How to Drive Member Loyalty

ASF-Custom-Ties-and-Scarves-300x202Do you wonder how to drive member loyalty for your organization? Sometimes, a simple solution can be the best one! Read on to find out what the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) did to reward its members.

For a second time in 5 years, the ASF hired Monsoon to add a custom touch to its member loyalty program. Like many groups, the ASF has been striving to thank its members in a manner that truly reflects their passion. It is why they asked Monsoon to design custom ties and scarves. These items were to be in the “Special Gift Packages” given to the most loyal members.

A Simple Way to Drive Member Loyalty

Monsoon analyzed ASF branding and needs, coming up with a custom design and a high quality product. The stylish ties and scarves were a creative way to show thanks to members. They also served as word of mouth promotion, since the chic ties and scarves worn by members sparked numerous conversations about the ASF and its efforts to preserve Salmon habitats around the world.

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