When it comes to men’s ties, a knot is much more than it seems.

In the corporate world, with its focus on structure and conformity, it can be a challenge to express your personal style and individuality in a unique and appropriate way. The simple addition of a carefully chosen wardrobe accessory can effectively demonstrate a sense of creativity and innovative spirit. For the well-dressed gentleman in the work place – men’s ties offer a perfect opportunity to make a positive statement about your personality.

Men’s neckties are a versatile fashion accessory that can speak volumes, before you say a single word. Wearing a stylish man’s tie can make a man feel strong and confident – but also allows an opportunity to add a little flair to a traditional corporate ensemble. It is important to consider the small details when assembling your personal corporate look.

“To create something exceptional,
your mindset must be relentlessly
focused on the smallest detail.”
Giorgio Armani

In addition to well-tailored, flattering business attire, it is important to consider the finishing touches that make your look unique and well executed. Your choice of tie knot can play an interesting part in defining your personal statement. It is well worth the investment in time to master a few key signature tie knots. An elegantly executed “Windsor” or “Balthus” knot will serve you well throughout your corporate life – but the addition of a few less traditional knot options may be just the thing to add a certain panache to your sartorial journey.

Historically, men’s ties have been a symbol of authority, elegance and membership. A more contemporary approach to fabric, texture and colour coupled with the addition of creative knots and embellishments offer an endless number of possibilities for expressing yourself within the framework of a traditional corporate role. Pushing the boundaries with bold pattern and fabric may seem a risky proposition but the addition of an effortlessly executed Windsor knot can make all the difference between a risk well taken and a fashion faux-pas. Consider pairing a traditional solid colour silk tie with a creative “Trinity” knot to add interest and focus to your overall look.

Have a look at our infographic highlighting some of the more popular and stylish knot treatments to best complement your choice of men’s necktie. At Monsoon Corporate Gifts we’ve been in the business of offering elegant custom ties, scarves and pashminas for over 40 years. No matter what your choice of signature tie knot, you’ll always make a memorable impression in a beautifully crafted, custom designed men’s tie from Monsoon Corporate Gifts.

Download our infographic below.

When it comes to men’s ties, a knot is much more than it seems.

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