Custom Scarves: Personalized Scarves to Suit Your Organization’s Needs

Custom scarves from Monsoon are digitally printed or silk-screened. Order personalized scarves to enhance your uniforms. Offer unique scarves with your logo.

Toast to your business' success with our custom-designed gifts. Monsoon's scarves suit both men and women. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, such as:


Monsoon’s designs are always unique, professional and chic.

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Here are some of Monsoon’s custom-designed and printed scarf projects:

Atlantic Salmon Federation – Printed Custom Scarves Design

The client opted for the artwork and made a unique printed custom scarf.

Monsoon worked with East Coast artist Andrew Giffin to create scarves for the Atlantic Salmon Federation. The printed design was a success. As Giffin said, “my custom scarves are popular items at the fundraising dinners with the Atlantic Salmon Federation.” Monsoon created 100% silk scarves using Giffin’s artwork. The custom silk scarves featured a detailed border with a fish motif around the painting. The artist’s signature is at the bottom of each printed scarf.


Quebec Soccer Federation – Custom Uniforms and Personalized Scarves

Basic branding can be all you need for eye-catching printed scarves.

The Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) ordered custom silk scarves for its fan base. QSF wished to honor the parents who support their young soccer players.

The color and structure of these hand-painted scarves enhances the QSF logo. The final product is a fine case of company branding. These personalized scarves are made of 100% Habotai silk.

The Quebec Soccer Federation ordered silk scarves from Monsoon.
The Quebec Soccer Federation’s custom printed scarves were unique gifts that showed team appreciation.

Bata Shoe Museum- Unique Custom-Made Scarves

An Italian shoe inspired this printed custom scarf design

Monsoon Corporate Gifts also helped the Bata Shoe Museum with personalized scarves. These scarves show off an 18th-century embroidery of a shoe at the museum. Silk-screened on 100% Crepe de Chine silk, these scarves have images of metal studs as a border motif.

The museum offered the silk scarves and silk ties as gifts to board members. The museum gift shop also sells these scarves and ties.

This is Monsoon art at its best – a truly unique printed scarf design.

Monsoon designed custom silk scarves for the Bata Shoe Museum.
Personalized scarves designed for the Bata Shoe Museum

Royal Ontario Museum- Custom Printed Scarf Design

An Islamic shield used for a bold scarf design

​Monsoon prepared 100% Crepe de Chine silk scarves for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). These scarves reflect the surface design of an Islamic shield.

The floral motif was lifted from the real shield, recomposed and silk-screened. The scarf has a bold design using classic reds and browns.  The ROM gave this custom scarf to friends of the museum and board members.

The museum gift shop also sells this scarf.

Monsoon produced personalized scarves for the Royal Ontario Museum.
The Royal Ontario Museum opted for Crepe de Chine silk scarves.

Monsoon will provide custom scarves to meet your needs. For best pricing, we suggest orders of at least 100 units.

To find out more on how we can work on your next project, please contact us.