Custom Silk Ties, Promotional Scarves and Many Other Stylish Corporate Gifts

We create custom silk ties, promotional scarves and shawls. We cater to clients across fields and industries. Thus, our business gifts work many events and are worn by groups of all kinds.



Carry on tradition or break away with custom silk ties in your group’s colours. Neckties and bowties from Monsoon are digitally printed, silk-screened or woven. These can be great tools:

  • To promote events.
  • As a business gift.
  • To build team spirit.
  • To brighten up a company uniform.

Get logo ties to boost your rebranding strategy, or design novelty ties with a twist to make a splash at your next business event. From thin and modern to classic wide cuts, Monsoon ties are always special. Ask our team of artists to help you design custom silk ties that suit your needs and image!



Scarves are great for all events. Custom scarves by Monsoon are digitally printed, hand painted, or silk screened.

Order a custom scarf to enhance uniforms or as a business gift with your logo. You’ll soon see that designing custom scarves is one of the ways art meets fashion. Our scarves appeal to both men and women. Opt for:

  • Silks.
  • Wool.
  • Cashmere.
  • Modal.
  • Synthetics.

Thanks to pro design and artistic flair, Monsoon’s scarves are always chic.



Let the luxurious feel and prestige of Pashmina shawls and stoles tell your brand’s story. Monsoon’s Pashmina shawls come from Asia’s finest weaves.


They serve as the perfect custom business gift to show off your logo or branding. Our shawls:

  • Can be worn by men and women.
  • Come in many colors and sizes.
  • Share your business vision.

Pashmina shawls’ softness ensures us. As such, they act as free advertising for you and your brand. Would you like to learn how to distinguish between synthetic and authentic pashmina? Read our blog post on the topic.